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Trial Consultants

The only thing more effective in the courtroom than a great lawyer is a great lawyer with an outstanding team.

You never know exactly what it is going to take to win a case until you’ve won it -- so there is no such thing as “over-preparing.” When you have the resources, go to court with the best team possible.

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Criminal Defense

Building strong legal strategies to protect you against any criminal charge.

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Family Law

We know that it's much more than a “family law” case -- it’s your life.

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Media Management

Sometimes zealous advocacy takes place in the court and in the media. Know how and when to engage.

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Mark O'Mara is a CNN Legal Analyst

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Engaging audiences on topics ranging from race, guns, self-defense, the media, and the justice system.

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"Helping good people through difficult times."

O'Mara Law Group
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